I would like to encourage women that live in communities, all of the women including Roma, I would like to inspire them with courage and power, to be able to take a risk if they want to do something, different than that which is imposed on them.

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Trailer Del Duma

Del Duma, Tell them about me!

The stories of four Roma women mix with traditional Romani music in a documentary theater performance.

The four women say out loud: “Del Duma, tell them about me!”

About the meanings of teenage marriage and belonging to a traditional community, about what happens when there is no feeling of belonging. About the so-called “exoticism” of the Roma women, about stereotypes which remind us that acceptance and diversity are a still a long way from becoming reality.

By/ with Mihaela Dragan
Live music: Elena Albu
Director: Liana Ceterchi
Camera: Razvan Ionita
Editing: veiozaarte