CHELEN AMENCA collaboration at UNA

Together with Ellen Rothenberg I will have a presentation about Roma women, from a feminist perspective. This is the first time to listen bell hooks in the Romany language.

An excerpt :  “We looked both from the outside in and the inside out. We focused our intention on the center as well as on the margin. We understood both.This mode of seeing reminded us of the existence of the whole universe, a main body made up of both margin and center.
Dikhlǎm vi avrǎl andre vi andral karing avri. Vortǎrdǎm amari inténcia karing o maśkar tha’ vi karing e riga. Xatǎrdǎm le duj. Kadava dikhipnasqo mòdo andǎs amen godǐ kaθar o isipen e savorre sumnalesqo, jekh śerutno kòrpo kerdo vi anθar riga, vi anθar maśkar. ”
bell hooks, Feminist theory from margin to Center


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