Preview – Gadjo Dildo


Friday, April 24th 2015

ODD Art Gallery

Part of The White Night of the Art Galleries

Actresses: Elena Duminica, Mihaela Dragan , Zita Moldovan

Choreography: Paul Dunca

Director: Mihai Lukacs

Costume design: Diana Bobina

Music: Ion din Dorobanți

Video: Alexandra Carastoian

Gadjo Dildo is a cabaret-type show starring three Roma actresses. Following the experience of these very different Roma women, we are ironical about their hypersexualization by gadjei, but also the minimization of their sexuality by the traditional communities they are part of. The show functions as a sort of telescope through which one may look at a faraway land where Roma women live – with wishes, hopes, reactions and visions that go beyond the socially acceptable stereotypes our times associate them with.

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