Roma Pregnancy Rap

Pregnancy Rap from RomaTrial on Vimeo.

The Pregnancy Rap is a reflection of the necessity of many women coming from the Balkan countries to get pregnant with a German or European citizen in order not to be deported from Germany. The rap video is part of the international theater production THE JOURNEY / DROM.

Text by Kristóf Horváth
Performed by Mihaela Dragan
Video by Zack Helwa

The Journey / DROM is a collaborative project by artists from Serbia, Hungary, Romania and Germany. By collecting and presenting true stories of Roma asylum seekers on the so-called Balkan Route, it explores the poetics and politics of the being “On the Move” (Ando Drom) and illuminates if and how is it possible to tell stories about Roma without repeating the usual clichés. Far from typical documentary theater, the artistic result takes the form of a sensationalist TV show, full of satire, black humor and a touch of chaos.

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