The Disappearance of Technology

On November 12th is the opening of the exhibition “The Disappearance of Technology” which I am part of, together with the artists Nona Inescu and Veda Popovici.

My piece is called “Kali Mija vs. Gadge. The TehnoApocalypse” and imagines a dystopian future about the end of the world.


The Disappearance of Technology

Mihaela Drăgan, Nona Inescu, Veda Popovici
Curator: Mircea Nicolae
Organised by: Modulab

Opening   12.11.2016   17.00
Exhibition   14.11 – 11.12. 2016   Mon-Fri   11-19


ODD hosts the third project in the Interactivity Series, an exhibition with 3 contemporary artists for which Modulab provided technical support and advice.

The exhibition brings together three artistic positions about what technology is today and it also raises the question of its possible disappearance in the future. The first interpretation, proposed by Mihaela Drăgan, is a literal take on the subject; it makes use of the apocalyptic imagination, which is always connected to the world of fairytales. Secondly, the disappearance of technology as camouflage in the ecosystem is the direction proposed by Nona Inescu. And Veda Popovici leaves behind the idea of technology in its anthropological dimension and turns toward TV and the mechanisms through which it shapes human history.


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