Mihaela Drăgan (b. 1986) is an actress and playwright who lives and works in Bucharest. Her performances focus on the connection between theatre, Roma identity and social justice. In 2014, she founded Giuvlipen Theatre Company, together with other Roma actresses. She studied acting and collaborated over the years with Logos Theatre and Theatre for Few in projects that focused on expressionism, eurythmics and acrobatics. Giuvlipen’s performances in which she performs have a feminist agenda and are speaking about Roma women: Del Duma: Tell Them About Me (four real stories of Roma women facing early marriage), Sara Kali: The Dark Madonna (invocation of the Roma saint Sara Kali against anti-gypsyist hate speech), Razzing (about evictions of Roma people in Bucharest, written and performed together with evicted Roma women), Gadjo Dildo (about the hypersexualization of Roma women by non-Roma men, heteronormativity and sexuality issues in Roma communities) and Iovan (about traditional Roma families, arranged marriages and the desire of young Roma women). In 2015 she played in the feature film Aferim directed by Radu Jude, Silver Bear-winning film for directing at the Berlin International Film Festival. Her last theatre show, The Journey/Drom is co- produced by GORKI Theater Studio Я, Berlin (2016). She is nominated for the 2017 The Gilder/Coigney International Theatre Award from New York which acknowledges the exceptional work of theatre women around the world.

Contact: kali.mihaela@gmail.com

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